Fit and Finish

Fit and Finish

The two projects shown on this page are truly representative of the fit and finish on everything we create, which produces detailed work of exceptional quality.

Cab Fit and Finish

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Cab Fit and Finish

Our cabs are produced from 12/4, 8/4 and 4/4 rough-sawn American ash.  They are built in the traditional style and bolted together as per original specifications.  This particular cab contained 22 different moldings which were all be custom made.  After sanding, the wood is sealed with a sanding sealer and two coats of Swedish putty is applied with sanding between coats.  Swedish putty fills the wood grain so there is a very smooth gloss finish.  After this process, primer is applied and then approximately two to three  coats of high gloss color sanding between these coats as well.   We have found through experience that the only paint worth applying to wood is from Fine Paints of Europe and should be oil base so that is what we use.  Their paint appears to hold up in sunlight four to five times longer than any US-made paint.

The varnished inside of the cabs is again sealed after priming and then applied in four to six coats to achieve the desired finish.  For this we use Spar Varnish, which has a reasonable amount of UV protection.

Ash Wood Cab
Cab Side View
Cab Front View
Cab Interior
Cab With Paint
Baldwin Green Paint