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Above:  Big Daddy Locomotive, North Carolina

Left:  Richmond and Tahoe Railroad Locomotive, Kentucky



Our product line is based on the Winton line that was developed in the 1950s but also includes other large-scale locomotives as we put them into production.  All Winton engines share some design characteristics not available in anyone else's engines.  For their size, they are the heaviest locomotives on the market.  All of the Winton locomotives are piston valve although they look like slide valve.  What this means for the person who owns and maintains the locomotive is that you have an engine that has no resistance in the valve gear and very little wear.  All Winton locomotives have adjustable shoes and wedges in the journal boxes.  All engines have roller bearing links in the valve gear.  All engines have easily replaceable bushings and shoes on virtually all wear surfaces.  Most importantly, the Winton line has the most complete set of castings available today for building a large-scale locomotive.  This is still the strongest, most durable, most well-thought out design on the market today.  Our locomotives are offered as complete kits, casting kits, or separate castings in either rough or machined form.


A Little About Our Locomotive Sizes...

3" Winton Mogul:  The 3" to the foot or 15" gauge Winton Mogul is a one-quarter size locomotive offered in either the 2-6-0 or 2-8-0 wheel arrangement.  A full set of prints and castings is offered for this locomotive.


5" Narrow Gauge:  The 5" narrow gauge has become an enormously popular option for those who want a locomotive that is 3" in size but one that looks larger.  The engine uses a 3" chassis but has larger domes, boiler, cab, tender, and tender trucks.


5" Winton Mogul:  The 5" to the foot or 24" gauge Winton Mogul is also offered in the 2-6-0 or 2-8-0 wheel arrangements.  Because of its size, this is usually built for commercial use but if you have a lot of land and want a really big locomotive to ride around on it, this is for you.



Above:  TrainTown, California

Above:  Richmond and Tahoe Locomotive, Kentucky

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are interested in a 1.5" scale, 7.5" gauge locomotive, please visit or call 708-301-4881.

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